Elysium sets a high end spa service and provides a friendly and warm atmosphere, affordable to everyone. Come and enjoy the stairway to heaven. Elysium Spa - Time to rejuvenate your body and soul.

Opening hours from 9 am to 10 pm.


  • Balinese Massage

60 Min : IDR 185.000  |          90 Min : IDR 265.000

The most relaxing Balinese Massage combining stretching, long stroke, palm and thumbs, pressure the deep penetration of blended pure essential oil to improve the circulatory lymphatic, muscular, and nervous system.


  • Aroma Massage

60 Min : IDR 195.000  |          90 Min : IDR 285.000

This Massage is designed with warm essential oil to ease body tensiun and invigorate the senses. Thos who desire a good night sleep, improve circulation without the workout, and alleviate insomnia simptoms.



  • Warm Stone Massage

    60 Min : IDR 199.000  |          90 Min : IDR 299.000

    A head-picked century rocks, warmed to a certain temperature, placed on part of the body points and glide across your body in the long, flowing strokes. This therapy designed to relieve stiffness and restore energy and balance.


  • Candle Nut Massage

    60 Min : IDR 199.000

    Designed to combine a body moisturizing treatment and massage by one application. Guest will enjoy the coarse feeling of the candle nut scrub apply on your body using Balinese massage technique.

    This treatment offer deep massage relaxing effect moisturize and cleans your skin.


  • The Back Massage

    30 Min : IDR 95.000

    Design for those that spend lots time in front of

    computer or behind the steer. Focus on the neck, shoulder, and back areas loosens and relaxes those tense muscle due to daily stress.


  • Foot Massage

    30 Min : IDR 95.000    |          60 Min : IDR 145.000

    The acupressure points on your feet, this foot massage will help to release toxins and restore body energy flow.


  • Elysium Facial

    60 Min : IDR 125.000

    Our mineral and signature facial that is prepared using sea mineral and aloe vera. It helps to peel the dead skin away and encourages the renewal of the new cells. It is available for all skin type.




  • Elysium Body Scrubs & Body Mask

    60 Min : IDR 150.000

    • Green Tea Scrub : the best antioxidant treatment. It give a deep exfoliation, tone, and harmony in the mind.

    • Coconut Scrub : it natural exfoliates and deeply moisturizes the body, literally leaves it glowing and feeling silk. Highly recommend for dehydrate or mature skin.

    • Coffee Scrub : blend of locally grown coffee is efectively removing dead skin cells. The caffeine is released to speed up metabolism and help the body to eliminate toxin while its aroma tantalizes our senses.

    • Chocolate Scrub : softening body exfoliation its rich with skin nutrition leave your skin shine and glowing. It recommended to all skin type.


  • Manicure

    60 Min : IDR 115.000

    This treatment include nail shape, cuticles simulation, hand shock, a relaxing hand and arm massage, and finish with nail polish.


  • Pedicure

    60 Min : IDR 125.000

    Pampering pedicure include nail shape, cuticle stimulation, feet shock, and a relaxing foot massage. Finish with nail polish.


  • Faboulous Hands& Feet

    60 Min : IDR 225.000

    A combination treatment for your hands and feet include spa manicure, spa pedicure & relaxing foot massage.



  •  EDEN Retreat

    120 Min : IDR  350.000

    The treatment consists of:

    • Refreshing Foot Ritual

    • Relaxing Balinese Massage

    • Body Scrub

    • Body Mask

    • Aromatic Milk Bath


  • Shooting Sensation

    90 Min : IDR 245.000

    Pamper yourself with our most relaxing traditional massage followed by a refreshner facial. Detail cleansing massaging on the face ended by face mask to tighten and prevent wrinkle.


  • Romantic Couple Treatment

    150 Min : IDR 775.000

The treatment consists of:

• Refreshing Foot Ritual

• Relaxing Balinese Massage

• Body Scrub

• Body Mask

• Facial

• Aromatic Milk Bath





Should I Make A Reservation For My Treatments?
Yes, and it is best to do soon after your arrival so that we can accomodate your schedule. To make your reservation, either phone or visit the Spa.

What if I Need To Cancel My Reservation?

We hope you do not have to cancel, however, we understand that plans can change. If you do need to cancel, please contact us at least two hours in advance. Reservations cancelled with less then two hours notice will be subject to full charge. If you simply need to change your reservation to another time, please contact us as soon as you can so that we may accomodate your request.

When I Should Arrive?

We suggest you arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time. This allows sufficient time for you to check in, change and begin to enjoy your SPA experience. Please understand that your treatments will end on time so as not to inconvenience the next guests.

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